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For decades, OASE has stood for creative design using water.

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The Crown Nozzle is a multi-jet nozzle. The 24 fixed, drilled in inclined direction nozzle outlets generate a majestic watter pattern and thereby achieve a fountain height of up to 5 mtrs.

The Crown Nozzle gives out 24 clear and precise single jets each with a diameter of 6 mm. This stainless steel nozzle is suitable for fresh water and poolwater application. The Crown Nozzle, in combination with the Varionaut pumps, creates spectacular and dynamic water patterns. More stunning and dynamic water images can be created by combining the crown nozzle and the Varionaut pump with additional VarioJet nozzles 42-15/55-20

Product characteristics

  • 24 x 6 mm precise full jets
  • Water level independent
  • Stainless steel
  • Sea water CrownNozzle on request