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For decades, OASE has stood for creative design using water.

XL2D XL2D(1)

Multi Directional Drive XL 2D

Product characteristics

Multidimensional Drive, suitable for different nozzle patterns
Pivoting Range: Max 180° on the X-axis and 165° on the Y-axis at a water level of 650 mm. The default setting is 150° on both X and Y axes at a water level of 850 mm.
Park Position: The nozzle can be hidden completely below the water surface at a water level of 850 mm with a pivoting range of 150° on both X and Y axes.
Suitable for Comet prec 30 – 30 for fountain height of 30 m.
Supplied with 3 x pre-assembled underwater power supply 250 24 V /01 (50733)
G 3″- internal thread nozzle , 2 x G 3″ external thread pressure pipe
Robust stainless steel construction
Suitable for operation in fresh water, pool water and sea water
Controllable with a OASE DMX/RDM controller (WECS II) ( not included in scope of delivery )
Energy efficient motor, 24 V/ DC