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In less than 100 years, DELABIE has become a leading player in the non-domestic, sanitary fittings market.


WALTON (Den Xanh) is the official DELABIE importer of French commercial Water control in Vietnam.
French valves and fittings manufacturer since 1928, DELABIE provides solutions to the constraints posed by public & commercial building as well as hospital and catering facilities.

DELABIE products are well known for their unrivaled durability, offering ergonomics, safety, total hygiene and pursuing a permanent objective of water saving.

In 2006, the DELABIE group becomes the 1st European manufacturer of sanitary taps, valves and accessories for communities. Their production, with an annual volume of 5 million pieces, is delivered to 60 countries.

Always seeking for excellence, Walton provides the French Delabie’s high quality products as well as consulting, distribution and design services for dealers and contractors.