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Since 1910, WALTON is specialized in the water management. Last French manufacturer of traditional hydraulic rams, this family business is recognized through its expertise and experience in the field of hydraulic systems, irrigation systems, pumping station, fountain engineering.


Following the technological progress, Walton has expanded its range of offers. Your project of irrigation, fountain, pumping station, hydraulic systems or sanitary facilities is supplemented with installation and design advices. WALTON’s advantage is to be your partner from the beginning to the end but also to provide a continuous support after project completion.


What is irrigation? What is hydraulic? Problem with sprinkler? Question about fountain? WALTON is here to answer your query.

Aware of environmental issues, WALTON is one of the first to add Water Saving as main corporate values. Based on an international expertise, from Africa to Europe and Asia, WALTON is very innovating and deals with the best partners to provide you the best solution.


John Slater Walton

(Maccesfield, GB 1848- Bordeaux 1909)

HYDRAULIC Engineer, managed PILTER Company in Bordeaux since 1880.

William Walton

(Bordeaux 1884-1950)

Hydraulic Engineer, established the company W.WALTON & Cie in Bordeaux in 1910, specialized in the agricultural and the industrial sector.

Jean Walton

(Bordeaux 1922-1994)

Transformed the company and founded the SARL WALTON HYDRAULIC, specialized in watering parks and gardens, irrigation systems. The first importer and installer of pumping station and hardware on connection with integrated watering matter in Bordeaux.

Richard Walton

(Bordeaux 1950)

Established the company in his local areas in Lormont in 1997, transformed the company into SARL WALTON Holding. He founded WALTON ARROSAGE and WALTON POMPAGE INDUSTRIE.

Mark Walton

(Bordeaux 1976)

Sets up and manages the first offshore office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in 2002. Expert in hydraulic, irrigation, pumping station and fountain engineering.