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Walton is the last French manufacturer of traditional hydraulic rams (invented by Montgolfier in 1796).
If you have a suitable:
• water fall
• different water levels
• or a fast flowing stream

Install a WALTON ‘W’ hydraulic ram which will provide you with an automatic water supply:
– no electricity or fuel costs
– no incidents or stoppages
– no labour, commissioning or servicing required

Our Ram ‘W’ is available in 7 models of various sizes to suit all flow-rate requirements and the water supply available.

All openings are threaded to receive iron pipes and fitted with a removable counter flange. The bronze valve is fitted with a nut and lock-nut enabling accurate adjustment of the piston stroke and the volume of water drawn in.

The “Walton” automatic air vent developed by us enables exchange of the air in the dome without the need for external intervention.

Our hydraulic rams regularly supply houses with water for decades without requiring servicing or external intervention of any kind.

Over the last 90 years, thousands of references bear witness to the exceptional quality of our products. Walton is at the service of its clients for further details and to establish a free quote for your water elevation project using a ‘W’ ram.

Our rams come with a life-long guarantee for the cast parts (dome and base) and 5 years for the bronze valve (excluding frost and impact damage).