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Rain Bird has produced and offered the industry’s broadest range of irrigation products for landscape, agriculture and, golf, sports field, private and public projects.

VB-10RNDprodHR vb7RND VB valvebox_install2 VB valvebox_install1 VB JMB PVB Professional Series Standard Valve Box Beauty Hero PVB Professional Series 6-inch Round Valve Box with Green Lid

VB Series Valve Boxes


  • Knock-outs built into all four sides.
  • Corrugated sides for greater strength before and after knock-outs are removed.
  • Bolt-hole knock-out – keeps critters out when bolt is not used.
  • Shovel access slot for easy removal of lid.
  • Knock-out retainers hold removed knock-outs in place during backfill.
  • Interlocking feature locks two boxes together when fitted bottom-to-bottom for deep installations.
  • Beveled lid edges prevent damage from lawn equipment.
  • Light and durable construction.
  • Side ridges for additional side wall support.
  • Pre-molded pipe slots.
  • Bottom flanges to help prevent sinking.
  • Four colors: available in green, black, tan, and purple.
  • Multiple configurations designed to provide tight seals and easy maintenance access.
  • Earth‑friendly, LEED-compliant material made of 100% recycled materials (black boxes and black lids only).

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