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Rain Bird has produced and offered the industry’s broadest range of irrigation products for landscape, agriculture and, golf, sports field, private and public projects.

xf_dripline_insert_fittings_-_models XF_Fittings XFF-COUP XFF-ELBOW XFF-FA-050-ElbowFitting XFF-MA050 XFF-MA075 XFF-TEE XFF-TFA-050-TeeFitting XFF-TMA050

XF Dripline Insert Fittings


  • Complete line of 17mm insert fittings to simplify installation of XF Series Dripline.
  • High quality barbs grab tubing for a secure fit.
  • Unique barb design to reduce insertion force and still retain a secure fit.
  • Non-obtrusive colored fittings to compliment natural earth tones.


Operating Range

  • Pressure: 0 to 50 psi (1.0 to 3.5 bar); if using 60 psi (4.1 bar) clamps will be required.


  • XFF-COUP: 17mm Barb x Barb Coupling.
  • XFF-ELBOW: 17mm Barb x Barb Elbow.
  • XFF-MA-050: 17mm Barb x ½” MPT Male Adapter.
  • XFF-TEE: 17mm Barb x Barb x Barb Tee.
  • XFF-TMA-050: 17mm Barb x ½” MPT x 17mm Barb Tee Male Adapter.
  • XFF-MA-075: 17mm Barb x ¾” MPT Male Adapter.
  • XFF-FA-050: Low profile barb elbow female adapter 17mm x ½” FPT.
  • XFF-TFA-050: Low profile barb tee female adapter 17mm x ½” FPT x 17mm.
  • XFD-CROSS: Barb cross 17mm x 17mm x 17mm x 17mm.
  • XFD-TFA-075: Barb tee female adapter 17mm x 3⁄4” FPT x 17mm.
  • FITINS-TOOL: XF Fitting Insertion Tool. Compatible with XFF-COUP, XFF-ELBOW, XFF-TEE, and QF Dripline Header.

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