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For decades, OASE has stood for creative design using water.

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ProfiPlane LED 320

Product characteristics

• Energy efficient LED-RGB-light with a center hole
D = 22 mm
• Walk-on-able
• Nozzle lamp locking
• 573 Lumen with a narrow beam angle of 16°,
max. 16 Watt
• Temperature controlled high quality LED for an
extra-long life of up to 100,000 h.*
• Wet and dry installation – water proof in accordance with IP68
• For fresh water, pool water and sea water
• External electronic in a separate control box / junction box – waterproof connector, easy to connect.
• DMX/RDM-capable in combination with the
Underwater LED Driver /DMX/02 (50720)
• Individual measurement of the basic colours of
the LED-RGB lights and the use of the Underwater
LED Driver /DMX/02 (50720) guarantees equal
brightness of all lights in the system and a homogeneous colour combination.
• Galvanic isolation between the DMX and 24 V DC power