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For decades, OASE has stood for creative design using water.

Untitled plug 100T plug 70T liner 100T liner 70T debris 100E debris 70E 100T 70T

Floor drain armatures

Concrete or liner pools can be easily emptied via OASE floor drains. The drains are available with plug or with sieve.

1 (Concrete part 70T, 100T)

The concrete part is the basis of every configuration. Available for DN 70 and / or DN 100 pipes.

2 (Liner clamping flange 70T, 100T)

The clamping flange is for fastening with liner. Products with cable transitions are listed on page 247.
This position can be used optionally.

3 (Plug 70T, 100T, Debris sieve 70E, 100E)

Depending on the requirement a decision is made at this point concerning the specific implementation: Plug, sieve, overflow or level regulator…