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IRRIMEC - a specialist of hose reel irrigation.

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Opti Rain

Safety priority

Hosereel perfectly guarded and drum sides smooth.
Chassis in formed steel high resistance, U profile, with 2 wheel, or on demand, floating tandem axle on the models ST8.
Adjustable wheel track to give greater stability in transport.

Performance in the field

Winding diameter of the hose drum conforms to the ‘CE’ directives.
Easier PET winding-in by means of a big drive ring on the series ST3-4-15-6 & 7 and double transmission on the ST8 models.
Turbimec driving system interchangeable for flows from 5 to 130 mc/h.
Oil bath gearbox with different drive speed ranges with PTO and automatic drum brakes incorporated.
Electronic system controlling the irrigation parameters DOSIDIS / TAKY.
Large range of optionals accessories.