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IRRIMEC - a specialist of hose reel irrigation.

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Master Range

The Master range of irrigators are today the highest reference point for the professional irrigation. It has been designed and built to operate on
large farms and it is equipped with long hoses of large diameter. The machine in working position sits on the ground on a large diameter
galvanised platform which insures a practical, stable and safe operation in all working conditions and at the same time permits 360 degree
rotation of the drum.

The unusually high ground clearance allows easy transportation of the irrigator even in the most difficult grounds conditions.

A central hydraulic control unit for the raising and lowering of the wheels, the stabilizing legs & the trolley and the rotation of the drum allows the machine to be operated by one man alone.

The patented Irrimec turbine cast in aluminium and its unique impeller design means that friction losses are
kept to an absolute minimum at the same time guaranteeing a large range of wind-in speeds (10-100 M/hr) and flows from 10M3/hr – 130 M3/hr.

The gearboxes have built-in PTO wind-in and automatic drum braking when the trolley is being pulled out.
Models MT & MF have a low torque drive on one side of the drum and models MM/MDT/MDT MP have low torque drive on both sides of the
drum. The large diameter drive rings allow a high degree of efficiency.
All models can be fitted with the Irrimec computer control system DOSIDIS/TAKY